Clothes That Are Paintings

Fabric painting must one of my favorite techniques. Just like if you’re painting on a canvas, you have total freedom to apply as many colors as you wish and change the design as you go. And there’s so many materials and effects to play with: resists, dyes, inks, spray bottles, salt..

Not to mention that you can apply it to pretty much everything: scarves, summer dresses and tops, pillow cases, bags…

We have a Silk Painting class starting in May at TAC Brooklyn, which will be a great opportunity for you to get started in experimenting with this amazing and versatile technique.

Wed 6.30-9.30PM, May 2 – May 23
Instructor: Isa Rodrigues

Get Inspired!!

Silk painting experiments by Tracy  L. Theriault

Hand-painted silk blouse and dress by CONIMATTA

Hand-painted silk tee and scarf by Kindah Khalidy

Hand-painted silk blouses, by Rachel Rose

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  1. nisha shrestha

    I am fashion designer and I am very much fan of hand painting.I did lots of hand painting.On my graduation day fashion show for my creative dress I did hand painting in chiffon.I am very much impressed by this post n I am inspired but I am in nepal I couldn’t come to take class over there.You have any online course?I need some information,I am going lunch my own brand .I

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