Chris Martin Paintings on Burlap

I am a lover of art across many mediums. However, one thing that draws me back to textiles time and time again is the power of fabric to add sensuality and content to work. The burlap paintings of Brooklyn based artist Christopher Martin serve as a testament to this incredible feature of textiles.

On a recent trip to the Corcoran Gallery In Washington I came across an exciting painting by Martin, Untitled 2008. Painted in a graphic black white and red on burlap mounted on canvas, the painting consists of a bold geometric dot pattern, reminiscent of the work of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.


While the composition and colors are both balanced and striking, the truly mesmerizing quality of the work is indebted to the burlap that grounds it. The geometric pattern is perfectly complimented by the readymade grid in the burlap’s loose weave. The specificity of burlap, its distinct texture and presence in the real world, enrich the work with a rich tactile viewing experience. The work is a great reminder of the power of textiles to connect with viewer’s real world experience, and communicate meaning in a unique and powerful way.




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