Artist Highlights: Play Opening

It always nice to see the way Textile Art Center Gallery changes depending on the show and event.  The space is currently in transition as Joetta Maue installs the show, PLAY, which opens this Friday.  RSVP and come see how differently each artist has responded to and framed the idea of play.  Bren Ahearn address social norms and constraints by using embroidery to bring new meaning to images and text.  Julia Elsas’ ability to highlight seemingly insignificant gestures and moments makes the viewer consider learned, ingrained and instinctual patterns of play between people.   Mary March focuses on play as action and has created a hand woven canvas for viewers to interact with by using the provided hand drawn symbols to tell stories.  Amanda McCavour sews on water soluble fabrics to create textiles made from thread.  Her piece, Cat’s Cradle, a delicate depiction of the loved string game, is especially impressive because of this unique process which allows for the piece to be made entirely from thread.  Below is a list of the artists in the show and links to their websites.

Bren Ahearn, Paula do Prado, Ricki Dwyer, Di Ellis, Julia Elsas, Mallory Feltz, Linda Frost, Mira Gelley, Kathy Halper, Maggy Rozycki Hiltner, Jan Johnson, Eunkyung Lee, Tyler Mackie, Joetta Maue, Mary March, Amanda McCavour,Sophia Narrett, Robert Reed, Lydia Reinhold, Magali Rizzo, Julie Roch-Cuerrier, Daniaelle Simonsen, Carol Sogard, Kathryn Greenwood Swanson, Mariangela Tan, Justin Alan Volpe, Candice Thompson, Vadis Turner, Katya Usvitsky, and Kathy Weaver.

Image Courtesy of Amanda McCavour

In conjunction with the show, Textile Arts Center will be holding workshops throughout the month of June.  If you are interested in participating in a workshop, or a full course in Playing with Fibers, register here.

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