Artist Highlight: Shannon Rankin

I have such a giant artist crush on Shannon Rankin from selflesh! I can relate so strongly to her use of transitions, geology, and maps…which are all drawn together at one point with her embroidery.

Universe Within

Shannon’s work uses such simple designs and embroidery in an extremely successful way…leaving the viewer with a crisp memory of the aesthetic and perhaps something more personally relatable…

Bound Stars


Star Birds

“I create installations, collages and sculptures that use the language of maps to explore the connections among geological and biological processes, patterns in nature, geometry and anatomy. Using a variety of distinct styles I intricately cut, score, wrinkle, layer, fold, paint and pin maps to produce revised versions that often become more like the terrains they represent. These new geographies explore notions of place, perception and experience, suggesting the potential for a broader landscape and inviting viewers to examine their relationships with each other and the world we share.” (source)

East Coast West Coast


Going through her website had me stopping at every single image for what seemed like ages…even her sculptural maps worked their way into my eye, giving me a sense of nostalgia I haven’t felt in such a long time. I may be a little homesick for Florida, but her pieces are more than just what’s on the surface…


Adaption (detail)

I absolutely love the idea of using embroidery into paper and creating sculptures out of non-traditional materials (read: maps). I feel incredibly inspired right now after going through her website again…so, why don’t you join me by soaking up our spring sun (finally!) and diving into some new embroidery projects!

We even have an embroidery class coming up!

Tues  6:30-9:30PM,  April 16 – May 7
Instructor(s): Kaelyn Garcia
Location: TAC – Manhattan Location

sign up here!

(images and information from Shannon Rankin’s website and etsy)

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