Artist Highlight: Liz Spencer, THE DOGWOOD DYER

“naturally dyed by hand . locally grown & foraged dye plants . knit & sewn in brooklyn”IMG_3295

Textile Arts Center is happy to introduce a former TAC/Sewing Seeds intern Liz Spencer and her new natural dye project. Liz will soon be premiering her line of naturally dyed knits and woven accessories and garments available on her webshop- all naturally dyed and made in Brooklyn. She also offers a custom natural dye service to designers interested in beautiful sustainable solutions for their lines. Below is an in-depth look at Liz’s new sustainable dyeing project.

Liz Spencer is The Dogwood Dyer.

She creates high quality, hand made accessories and garments from ethically sourced fibers and dyestuffs. Wild and abundant plants are responsibly collected throughout the year from the countryside and along the roadsides surrounding New York City.  Liz also collects plants from her Brooklyn street-side planters. The plants are then used to extract natural color for dyeing.

This process is 100% chemical free.

80% of the dye water used in this water intensive dyeing process is recycled back into Liz’s garden. This helps bring this environmentally conscious process full circle.

The dogwood dyer also uses  fibers such as alpaca, mohair & cormo wool from local Northeast farms & mills which helps contribute to the flourishing of other small, sustainable American businesses.

Liz has chosen to make New York City her home after spending time in the south of France, Massachusetts, Oregon and Washington with the ambition to increase sustainable literacy and practices in the fashion industry. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Linfield College and a Master of Arts from the world’s leading sustainable fashion graduate program, ‘Fashion Futures‘, from the London College of Fashion.

The years of experience working with natural dye plants and sustainably farming fiber from animals such as sheep, alpacas and goats has taught Liz the importance of working in a balanced environment with happy animals and farmers and satisfied fiber customers.

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