Artist Highlight: LAURA FISCHER

Recently, TAC Artist in Resident Eleanor Anderson spent some time chatting with artist Laura Fischer. Here are some interview highlights:

Where is your studio? I work in one of San Francisco State’s graduate studios, located in an old naval barracks in Tiburon, CA.  It’s located right on the water, looking out over passing cargo ships. The rest of the facilities are used by SF State’s Marine Biology department.  I can’t even describe how cool and decrepit it is.  

Where and what are you studying? I am an MFA Candidate at San Francisco State University. My area of emphasis is New Practices and I primarily work in textiles.

Where do you find inspiration?  I mostly find inspiration and ideas by working with materials in the studio.  I can be gluttonous in my consumption of visual information – graphic design, architecture, textiles, etc. –  but I don’t often find inspiration for projects that way.     

What artists’ do you admire most? I get excited about artists that use the same materials and formats to experiment over and over and over.  It’s a long list, but these are artists I really appreciate and admire:  Donald Judd, Joseph Albers, Anni Albers, Frank Stella, Agnes Martin, Sheila Hicks, Judy Pfaff,  Nick Cave and Josh Faught.  I’m adding Rosmarie Trockel to the list after seeing her work at the New Museum: especially her platinum-glazed ceramics. 

What upcoming ideas/projects/processes are you most excited about ? I’m currently working with poured concrete to make stand-alone forms that I can then weave onto.  The work is an extension of the miniature weavings.  The process of weaving in miniature developed intuitively and is kind of my own in that way.  My goal with this new work is to allow the process to dictate the form in which these objects take.  It’s exciting, but I’m also well-outside of my comfort zone: working with new visual vocabulary and materials. Also, I’m taking a ski road trip this winter that I’m super excited about!  


Check out more of her amazing work here!


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