April Fiber Art Picks!


Photo Courtesy of Copper Hewitt Design Museum

Scraps: Fashion, Textiles, and Creative Reuse

Cooper Hewitt Design Museum

Through April 23rd 2017

The title says it all. This exhibition explores different ways to be mindful of the environment as a textile artist. The show presents 3 different artists, Luisa Cevese, Christina Kim, and Reiko Sudo, who all prioritize sustainability in their practice.


 Photo Courtesy of Deli Gallery

Sarah Zapata - “If I Could”

Deli Gallery

Through April 9th 

Sarah contemplates the traditional history of women and fiber in her sculpture installation. Creating more than just a visual experience by requiring the visitor to shed their shoes allows for a tactile as well as visual engagement.



Erin Riley and Agatha Snow: CON-Figuration 

Postmates Gallery

Through April 22nd 2017

Described as, “art for this deformed time,” Erin Riley and Agatha Snow distort reality  to comment on modern life in this group show Con-Figuration. Both utilizing the figure to translate a personal experience with being a human being in society.


Bewilder: Brece Honeycutt 

Norte Maar

Through April 23rd

Honeycutt engages with the natural world of Massachusetts to collect inspiration and reference for her carefully embroidered plants. She uses a traditional embroidery technique on white handkerchiefs that make her pieces soft and nostalgic in appearance.


Grappling Hold: Christina Forrer

Swiss Institute

Through April 23rd

Forrer illustrates cartoonish figures in violent situations. Her figures adhere to the nature shapes take when constructed through thread in this fashion of weaving. Her pieces are vivacious and full of expression making them fun to look at and process.

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