Anne Wilson’s Objects, Fields, Performances

If you have not yet seen Anne Wilson’s performance piece, To Cross (Walking New York), at the Drawing Center, you’ve got three more opportunities.  Anne was so kind to spend an evening with the TAC residents and staff and give an overview of her journey as an artist working with textile and material culture.  Her work is grouped into three areas: objects, fields, and performances.  After having experienced one of these performances at the Drawing Center, it is amazing to look into the rest of Anne’s body of work to see the pervasive conceptual elements, scale, and laborious handiwork she employs.



Anne’s project, Dispersions, is a collection of vintage white linens whose imperfections (holes, burns, stains) are exaggerated with embroidered thread and human hair.  These objects embody the tension between formality and purity, and the erotic and unclean.


Topologies is an expansive horizontal field of deconstructed black lace, threads, netting, and delicately crocheted structures.


Her piece, To Cross (Walking New York), involves a small group of performers cycling through actions: winding bobbins, walking the thread, spacing the threads, and stretching their bodies.  The final three performances will take place from 12:30 – 5:30 PM on Oct 26, Nov 1 and Nov 2 at the Drawing Center (35 Wooster Street).

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