Anne Lindberg: Drawn Pink

If you’re in the Omaha, Nebraska area from now until March 31st go check out the current exhibit Placemakers at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art. There you’ll find the piece drawn pink (2012) by artist Anne Lindberg, a 40 foot installation made up of beautifully saturated Egyptian cotton thread and staples!

Anne Lindberg, drawn pink (2012), Egyptian cotton thread, staples, 72 x 408 x 120″

This massive installation plays with the viewers perception and experience of thread, color, and space. She pairs the installation with another piece called parallel 28 green (2011) (seen below), a much smaller 2D colored pencil drawing. This is an interesting juxtaposition, because where both pieces use completely different materials and scale, they meet at a visually similar place.

To see more about this exhibit click here, and to see see more thread drawings by Anne Lindberg click here.

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