AIR Interview: Ignacia Murtagh

Ignacia Murtagh, Chilean product designer and AIR Cycle 7 resident, designs pieces for the home that speak volumes through quiet, minimal gestures. Inspired by Chilean landscapes, Ignacia’s ceramics, furniture, vases and textiles impart a sense of reverence for their materials, as well as for the natural beauty that inspires their creation. We were thrilled to have Ignacia as a resident at TAC and witness her new explorations on the loom, and we are excited to see where she goes next! Ignacia answered a few questions for us recently about her inspiration, design process, and time at TAC.

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On designing products for the home:

I think that every object that we are surrounded by is meaningful to our existence. These objects define us, some of them are more significant to us than others. My goal is to create pieces that surpass the idea that objects only serve a purpose of function. My intention is to create an emotional link between the piece and the user: an aesthetic and poetical experience.

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On creating minimalist works inspired by the natural world:

I connect these two worlds (nature and design) through my work. Most of my work is inspired by subtle observations of nature that are meaningful to me as a designer, which I translate into objects. The story behind every piece is reflected in its manufacturing process, materiality, geometries, etc.  I’m not literal in that translation, as my work is often very minimal and clean. The objects I create are my emotional response to nature and is the way I perceive it: pure, silent, calm, magnificent.

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On pursuing textile work at TAC:

I’m always in pursuit of new horizons. New learning experiences open the channels of creativity. I’m in love with the process of making things and always interested in learning. Textiles have always been a medium that I wanted to explore in order to satisfy the needs of some pieces I wanted to create. Through this residency I’ve embarked into the world of weaving, specifically rug design. Being able to experiment and mess around on the loom enriches my creative response to my works as objects and aesthetic pieces.

My favorite part of this residency was getting my hands “tangled” in many many threads.

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On the materials that inspire her:

I’m most drawn to natural and delicate materials. Silk has been very much of my interest lately – not only its materiality, but also its natural process.

On staying inspired while living in New York: 

I have nature embedded in my DNA.

See more of Ignacia’s work on her website, and come see all of our Cycle 7 Residents’ works at FRAY, their group show opening September 22nd at Gowanus Loft!

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